About Me

My Soccer Experience

  • I started playing when I was 4 years old and have played at some capacity ever since.
  • I have played every position on the field but I currently prefer to play as a striker or attacking midfielder.
  • I captained my U-19 travel team for 2 seasons
  • I created and captained an indoor team for 3 years.
  • Though I enjoy some other sports, nothing will ever compare to soccer for me
  • I was a referee from 2010 to 2014 and I started refereeing again this year.
  • I am a grade 8 (black patch) referee.
  • I started coaching soccer in 2010 and enjoy it almost as much as playing.
  • So far I have coached at the U-10, U-12, and U-14 levels.
  • I have a US National E coaching License.



  • I am 20 years old and will turn 21 in December
  • I grew up in Parkersburg, WV before moving to Morgantown
  • I was a WVU Student but am taking a year off to focus on work and coaching
  • I currently understand English, a fair amount of Spanish, and some French
  • Asides from my main sport (soccer) I also enjoy playing racquetball, tennis, volleyball, pool, and squash, amongst others
  • I was President of the WVU Racquetball Club for the 2016-17 school year
  • I currently work at Giant Eagle


Contact Me

You can reach me by email at jacobcarpenterbusiness@gmail.com or call or text me at 304-916-8337. I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.